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Thursday, February 16, 2012

My test of skill...

Pencil sketching has never been my skill or let me put it this way that i never knew i could was when i was sitting on my desk one day depressed and irritated thinking of all the unpleasant things that i found myself sketching something in the paper i had in front of was not from my imagination it was a picture that my eyes was locked to while i was in my own world of misery. The paper i drew on was the report i had to present that day. Ever since that day i thought of trying to distract myself form my weird thoughts by two thinks one is cooking and other sketching. Here are a few sketches i made...these are my version of works done by talents artists...i am just a beginner learning to master this skill in a gradual process.... 

Firstly lemme share the picture i drew of Lord Shiva whom i believe to be my side whenever i have called for help. Though this is an unusual picture i found of him to sketch.... mainly Lord Shiva is known and depicted for his fierce forms but here i have drawn him with  sanctity of a baby.
o  നമ: ശിവായ 

Now ever since i drew Lord Shiva i had an urge to learn to draw other Hindu Gods.... Trust me its one huge challenge in drawing Gods with the lot many details they have...most importantly their eyes, as its the eyes that result in the expression they have finally, its always best to see Gods smiling rite? I have always believed that if Gods are happy so are we.... :) After the eyes its about all the features of the God, lips, cheeks, all the elaborate ornaments they wear most importantly the props they carry, as its of great importance as to each God in Hindu Myths.

Attukal Amma or Attukal Devi. 
A Goddess believed to be the incarnation of  Sree Parvathy, the consort of Lord Shiva.She is believed to have taken this incarnation of destroyer goddess so as to destroy the evil and to preserve good and harmony. Millions offer her Pongala (a porridge meant to boil over, made of rice, sweet brown molasses(jaggery) & coconut gratings) as an offering to the Goddess to seek her blessings.
സര്‍വ മംഗള മംഗല്യേ ശിവേ സര്വര്ധ സാധികെ
സരന്യേ ത്രയംബികെ ഗൌരി നാരായണി നമോസ്തുതേ
Lord Krishna ..a God who is much loved for his charm, tranquility, naturally loving and sweet aspects....Being the eight incarnation of Lord Vishnu...he is believed to be the Absolute Truth or the Supreme Personality. He's the source of all spiritual & material worlds. Drawing such a splendid character was rather a challenge for myself.. as it was not easy to draw such an aura of supreme..every single feature in the Lords body depicted unlimited nature of the spiritual realm.
i drew a picture of lord Krishna in his teenage ages...the days he was in Vrindavan, which is believed to be the most happy moments in his life... with his childhood friend..lover..his ardent devotee Radha...
It is said that ever since Krishna has left Madurai he never played his its believed that he left it for his absolute devotee Radha...

Yet again i drew Lord Shiva..but this time chose to draw the Lord drinking the poison 'Kalakudoom' 
The picture i drew has its many faults.. as Lord Shiva's featured turned out to be quite feminine.. this was one of those pictures i drew as a beginner in that i realized my flaws is trying my best to make good drawings :)

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