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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cream Pudding with Mixed Fruits stew in Strawberry puree

For all the sweet tooth's here's my recipe for a simple dessert...
Cream Pudding with Mixed fruits stew in Strawberry puree
What u need is,
for Cream base:
      condensed milk  - 1 tin
      milk                      - 2 tins
      china grass         - 10 gms
      fresh cream         - 1/2 tin (optional)
      water                    -  1 cup
      vanilla extract      - 1 tsp

for the fruit stew:
      All seasonal fruits  - diced into small pieces
      Strawberries          - 200 gms
      milk                         - 11/2 cup
      sugar                      - 3 tbsp

What u do!
Firstly u can decide if u need the fruit stew as a sauce or as a layer for your dessert. Here i have taken it as layer for my dessert.

for the base cream layer,
  • First mix the milk and the condensed milk in a skillet (a heavy bottom pan)
  • Soak the china grass sheets in the one cup water ((wash the sheets in running water before soaking))
  • Place the milk mix on medium heat and keep stirring continuously 
  • Once warm whisk in the fresh cream and mix thoroughly by stirring continuously
  • Meanwhile bring the soaked china grass into a liquid consistency by a double boil 
  • Now when the milk mixture is homogeneous and warm add in the china grass to it and keep stirring and make sure that it melts in completely and homogeneously
  • Once the mixture starts thickening remove form heat and add vanilla extract and mix well 
  • Cool down the mix to room temperature by placing on cold water and keep stirring 
  • Transfer this mix into the dish and refrigerate till it sets
fruit stew: 
  • take the strawberries and puree them 
  • take the puree in a pan and add milk and sugar to this and cook on medium heat for about a minute
  • add the finely diced fruits to the above mix and cok the fruits in the milk plus strawberry mix
  • once the mix gets curdy, take from heat and cool to room temperature
  • then pour the cooled fruit stew over the cream layer that will be already set by now and refrigerate
  • The dessert can be dressed with fresh cream and fresh strawberries
My notes:
  1. u can use gelatin instead of china grass, ((use about 2 tbsp gelatin powder soaked in 1/2 cup cold water))
  2. u can use any seasonal fruits available and i used strawberry for puree as kids would love them
  3. the fruit stew can be used as the base layer and can be freezed before adding the cream layer on top
  4. if u need to set the fruit stew u can use gelatin in tat mix too instead of freezing it..
  5. Enjoy!! :)

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